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Here are some sketches of cabins and cottages (each image is a link to a larger version)

The first cabin was designed to fit a lot in Mariposa Pines.  The left elevation was also used as the link to this page and includes actual tree placement, plus existing large granite boulders.  The lot sloped down from the street and was quite wooded.

I often make quick sketches on site on a legal pad, then refine them on graph paper. If the project seems viable then I will draft a quick preliminary floor plan on vellum.

Here's a quick sketch made on site:      

Refinements to the floor plan:

And the end elevation...

Cottage 11699:   Intended as a second home (or a starter home)  550 sq. ft. (with sleeping loft)        

    This plan started with a simple elevation sketch, and an idea to have an efficient,     and small layout as functionally possible.


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